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Вот задание Put in the missing words Choose 12 words and phrases from the list of words given beiow :idea, picnic , dream , spend, arrange, social, afraid, took, enjoyed, responsible, kissed, sports, grest, make, going, will, stayed 1)My younger brother had his birthday on Sunday 2)I proposed to————-a birthday————for him and his friends «Not a bad ————— » said my parents 3)We decided to————a weekend in the country 4)I was —————-for the —————programme 5)We played funny games and —————,sang song, danced and—————-pictures 6)My brother and his friends —————the picnic 7)»That was—————,»he said and—————-me 8)Next year we are —————to arrange a birthday picnic for my brother and his friends again

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